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Maxine Lipner

Freelance Writer

Team building on a small business budget

While your employees are all excellent individually, they could benefit from some of those popular teambuilding exercises—spending time in treetops or skimming down zip lines building trust. However, such exercises are not within your small business budget. The good news is there are many much more cost-effective ways to tackle team building. Read more.

               (Dealstruck  June 20, 2016)


Bill Herz: Learning tricks of the trade

Business presentations can be all too predicable. To help spice up potentially humdrum PowerPoints, one presenter pulls a veritable rabbit out of a hat for Fortune 500 companies and others. Read more.

               (Northwest Airlines Magazine)

Man showing tricks with cards.jpg

If you need to see a doctor, it's time to embrace telemedicine


Social distancing and stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis have led many health care providers to conduct visits with patients through telemedicine — providing medical and mental health care using the internet and telecommunications technology. People who never wanted to try telemedicine before are suddenly getting a crash course in how it works. Read more.

                  (MarketWatch  April 14, 2020)


Ben and Jerry's:
Sweet Ethics 

At Ben and Jerry's Homade Inc., the taste of success is sweet but not just for the usual reasons. What's known as caring capitalism has been a cornerstone here. Read more

 (Speculations: Readings in Culture Identity, and )

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