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Maxine Lipner

Freelance Writer

Woman rushed to ER after store-bought contacts get 'suctioned' to her eyes

Buying cosmetic contacts over-the-counter may seem like a good idea, but as one woman found out this can jeopardize vision. Read more.

      (Today  Oct. 29, 2019)


If you hate reading glasses, here are other options

Near vision corrections include corneal inlays, surgery and maybe eye drops. It can be the bane of existence for those at midlife: the need to have reading glasses at the ready, particularly in darkened conditions like a dimly lit restaurant with a menu that lists dishes in type too small to decipher. Read more.

        (Next Avenue  Jan 28, 2019)


You can still see a doctor, through telemedicine

Social distancing and stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis have led many health care providers to conduct visits with patients through telemedicine — providing medical and mental health care using the internet and telecommunications technology. Read more.

    (Next Avenue/Forbes  April 7, 2020)




Is it coronavirus or Lyme disease? Similar symptoms could create confusion

 Feeling sick with a fever — even a slight one — along with chills, fatigue and achy joints during this pandemic era may all seem to point to the coronavirus, particularly in summer with flu season still months away. But there may be another culprit: Lyme disease.. Read more.

      (Today  Jul 21, 2020) 

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