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Maxine Lipner

Freelance Writer

Pharmaceutical Focus: Dealing with allergy in the air

For all too many, spring is the time of year when ocular allergies are brewing. Roughly 60 million Americans have allergic conjunctivitis and of those 90% are seasonal. Read more.

                   (EyeWorld   May 2019)


Honing in on device screens

Blue light is known to damage vision. But is the amount emanating from modern devices enough to damage sight? Read more.

                  (EyeWorld   March 2019)


Dry eye’s impact on patients’ ability to read

Dry eye patients who complain of trouble reading for long periods of time now have study results to back up their anecdotal reports. Read more.

                     (EyeWorld  April 2019)


Breastfeeding and cataracts

One-way breastfeeding may benefit women may be to keep cataracts at bay. Those who breastfeed may have as much as at 44% lower risk of developing these new study results indicate. Read more.

                       (EyeWorld   Feb 2019)

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