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  Mystic Days in the Ivy

Imagine your best friend in college in the late ‘70’s
telling you that she "knew things about her life"
and that one day you would write a book about this.


Maxine Lipner

Freelance Writer


Then, throughout your college experience, she took you into her confidence and shared all kinds of predictions. Some were seemingly small and personal like the fact that she was excited she would be the mother of girl/boy twins. Others were much more big-world with talk of some mysterious thing that was destined to take place at the World Trade Center.


From the day I learned that my best friend from Cornell, Anne, who I had fallen out of touch with, had died, I was shaken by more than the obvious: She had told me back when we were still freshmen that she did not have very long to live – this despite the fact that she had every reason in the world to believe otherwise. I, ever the skeptic, saw this as some twist of her imagination. 


Anne was not just anybody. This was the girl that plowed her way into my dorm room our very first day as freshmen, a borrowed cowboy hat atop her head, followed by a group of others. Not long after, she had proclaimed that she and I would "have many adventures ahead.” She was right. We then became the kind of BFF’s where with even just a cryptic word, we knew what the other was talking about. 


Despite the fact that I had hoped she would be my friend for life, even back then, Anne warned me it would not be the case. She claimed that when she died, we would no longer be in touch. Now, just as she assured me, he would, her college boyfriend, Nick, has contacted me to find out what could have possibly happened to her. 


This sets in motion a chain of events that she foretold decades before – one in which we must overcome the fact that Anne had cautioned me that no one from Cornell would know what happened to her. It becomes clear that solving the mystery of what happened to Anne is not going to be easy. But Nick and I can’t forget her and team up to find out. Ultimately, it all comes down to Anne’s sister. Along the way, I must also confront my own skepticism. As someone who put my faith in science, the growing list of Anne’s predictions coming true has me ultimately searching for answers in the spiritual realm.

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