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Maxine Lipner

Freelance Writer

Volunteers work with hospitals to make emergency face masks for workers

It was the last thing Sabrina Roffman of New City, New York, wanted to hear: In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, local medical facilities were running out of protective face masks. Her husband, an ear, nose and throat doctor, and the staffs of two area hospitals could be in jeopardy. She couldn’t sleep thinking about it. Read more.

        (Today  March 31, 2020)


Dr. Chris Heichel: Ophthalmologist performs cataract surgery on a gorilla


Some cataract patients are harder to treat than others. Recently, Chris W. Heichel, MD, found himself with a particularly challenging case – a 3-year-old gorilla named Leslie, residing at the San Diego Safari Park.

Read more.

                (EyeWorld  May 2020 )


Dr. Shlomit Schaal: Making a splash outside of ophthalmology

For Shlomit Schaal, MD, PhD, her renowned retina work is just one of the passions she engages in on a daily basis. The other is her love of competitive swimming.

Read more.

                 (EyeWorld   April 2020.)


The bear facts

It happened without warning -- A 50-year-old woman was attacked by a bear who mauled her eye out. This was later miraculously found in a condition pristine enough to donate tissue. Read more.

                   (EyeWorld   March 2014)

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